Finding the Balance

Guess what!


I’m baaaack!

I just have to say I haven’t felt this good since this time last year. I’ve been eating well and working out but I have to say my favorite part has been getting back in the gym with my husband. I just love the way I feel after I’ve lifted something super heavy. I haven’t done it in so long!

You know… I think I actually sleep better when my muscles are sore. I think it just makes that first morning stretch just that much more delightful. Plus, there is something to be said about the way you feel when you walk with sore muscles. I love it when you can feel each muscle flex with each step you take.

I had a bit of a mental block earlier this week. I just wasn’t really in the habit of eating healthy so I had to fight myself on it a bit. It’s amazing how your brain can just get in your way. I did well through the weekend until Mother’s Day came.


It was dumping snow so my plans of hanging out at the Farmer’s Market got canceled. Instead, I snuggled by the fire with a nice cup of coffee.


Bridget had made me a sign and a book. Brent was making a quiche and had bought the stuff for mimosas. So I sat in my jammies watching Food Network and snuggled with Penelope while breakfast was being made for me. I had already broken two of my rules: no coffee (because of sugar) and no alcohol (because of sugar).

I still thought I could salvage the day by making a roasted chicken for dinner but Brent didn’t want me to have to cook dinner so he ordered Chinese food. So much for 100% right?


But Monday rolled around and I was right back on track for the rest of the week…


The snow didn’t last long so Scout and I have been able to resume our daily runs. He couldn’t be happier about it.


When Brent is home I take Scout with me for runs during Penelope’s nap time.  When I’m done I’ll take a shower, put my bathing suit on and lay out in my hammock and read.


For some reason last year I only used that thing once. What was I thinking?!

For the first time since student teaching has ended I’ve learned how to just sit back and take a deep breath every now and then. It took me a while to just chill out I was so used to stressing out over deadlines that I was having a hard time adjusting when it all just stopped. Now that a few weeks have passed I feel like I’ve finally adjusted. I’m in this perfect place of balance at the moment. It’s the best feeling ever.

Speaking of balance I’m trying to squeeze in the post before heading to the gym. Brent is actually waiting for me right now. He’s planning on making me run sprints with him. After that  it’s a trip to the chiropractor’s office to get a massage. This sounds luxurious and awesome but this is no spa time fluff and buff I’m getting. I have to mentally prepare myself for the ass kicking I’m about to receive… OUCH!!!

See you tomorrow for the weekly weigh-in! I look forward to hearing how well your week went.

One thought on “Finding the Balance

  1. Those weights look scary, very impressive! I actually heard once that when you have sore muscles, you burn calories :). Love the photo of Scout walking himself. Good luck tomorrow!

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