Weekly Weigh-in #3

You know what? My blog posts lately have been super lame.

I’ve just been so busy lately, I don’t have to time to truly sit and have a conversation with you. It’s kind of like trying to talk to your friend while simultaneously yelling at your toddler to quit licking the wall. I have actually tried to sit down and write this post for the past 12 hours but I haven’t gone five minutes without being interrupted.

So here it is… the really lame blog post that just talks about my job and that one time this week I that worked out. It’ll include a revelation, self pitying venting, and some information you wish you could unread because it simply includes more information than you would prefer to receive.

So go on…

You can read it now…

Or just skip it and revert back to the days when I actually had a sense of humor because if I read this post I wouldn’t want to be my friend.

The Lame Blog Post That Took Me An Entire Day To Write.

(Please shoot me. Or give me a shot of something.)

I’m here, I’m here!

I didn’t forget weigh in day, today has just been crazy.

Let me just say… on the teacher front things are going better than I could have ever expected! My kids tell me on a daily basis how much they love me. (It makes my heart glow.) I currently have a temporary job and lately there have been talks of figuring out a way for me to keep my job for next year on a full time basis which would be awesome. But it puts a little pressure to keep going strong.

So, last night when I got home for work I looked in my massive bag full of grading that needed to be done and had an internal debate over whether to go for my planned work out or to grade.


The work out won, and I didn’t regret it one bit.

I didn’t realize just how badly I needed to have time to myself until I got lost in the music and was free to just day dream and sweat. There’s nothing quite so cleansing as sweating on purpose.

It turns out I was more stressed than I had allowed myself to believe. I have had a headache for five of the past seven days, but I just kept rolling with it. Before I knew it the week was over, and I can’t tell you how happy that makes me.

The week had started off a little rough…


I spent my Monday stranded at Target with Penelope.

I ended up spending about five hours circling around the store while I waited for the stoned locksmith to figure out how to do the least amount of work for the most amount of money. The fact that he was stoned didn’t bother me as much as the fact that he was a complete asshole. What was even more frustrating was that I couldn’t articulate the fact that I thought he was an asshole unless I wanted to spend another five hours at Target with an insane toddler.

After that incident I was a bit traumatized and refused to go to the grocery store for the rest of the week. Needless to say, I spent the week meal plan free. I was so preoccupied this week that I ate what I wanted, but honestly, I wasn’t really in the mood for anything too bad. If I did eat something less than healthy I didn’t eat very much of it.

I also spent my week struggling with a strong case of “my uterus hates me” which required more dark chocolate, bloating and mood swings than normal. The only workout I had all week was last night. Therefore, when the moment to step on the scale arrived I was less than excited.

I closed my eyes, stepped on the scale and was surprised to see that I had still lost a pound regardless of the fact that I had broken my no alcohol/ordering in food rule. I weighed in at 202 pounds, that is 9.4 pounds down after three weeks.

I’m not skinny by any means, but I still rocked my jeans instead of my elastic band leggings.

I think it is safe to say that the holiday cleanse is complete. I’m no longer a sugar crazed crack head jonesing for cupcakes.


How did your week go?

P.S. Just so you know I have literally been writing this post all. day. long. In the last hour alone I have had to stop in order to read three different Fancy Nancy books, eat a fake picnic, change two diapers, and have a photo shoot…

Photo on 1-23-15 at 5.20 PM

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