And I Wake Up

It’s warm out and I’m running… finally, after months and months of being trapped in doors, I’m free to run. The breeze is cool against the sweat beading up on my skin.

I don’t have to go to work and I’m not weighed down by my parental obligations. I’m just running. My legs feel powerful and capable. My steady breath falls into a perfect rhythm with my stride.

Then my lungs start to burn and my breath becomes labored. The breeze is gone and the heat radiating from my body is trapped.  I’m burning up from the inside out. I try to clear my throat and start to cough. I cough and cough with no relief until I start to gag. The burning in my chest pulsates through my throat and down my upper back. Each time I cough my head throbs.

And I wake up.

I’m currently sitting in my chair drinking coffee in an attempt to gain enough energy to go buy some medicine to relieve the phlegm that is stuck in my chest. I’m listening to Penelope ping pong back and forth from one end of the room to the other, pushing an obnoxious toy along the way. Spring has decided to stop by for a few days prompting that stupid wood pecker. The confused one, who insists on doing his mating call on my metal chimney instead of the tree in my front yard.

I think of all of the violent things I could do that wood pecker to get him to shut up.

It’s beautiful outside… and I hate my life.


(Sick selfie… keepin’ it real.)

I weighed myself for my obligatory weigh-in post to discover that I have some how managed to gain 3 pounds this week. I’m pretty sure all of that weight can be found in my puffy face…

It all began last Sunday when Penelope came down with a fever and a cough. It was Brent’s last day home before heading up to the mountains for work and it was my turn to call in to work for sick duty. I spent four hours putting together my sub plans to ensure that everything went smoothly in my classes while I was gone.

The first day was glorious. It was cold outside so we snuggled reading books, coloring and watching movies.

11046958_10205970240795941_858871007726306497_n  10404425_10206015627250574_3152854739219574903_n

I got all of the laundry done in the house and managed to make healthy meals to eat throughout the week. I felt so productive and I was grateful for the time I was getting to spend with my little one.


By the time Brent made it home on Wednesday and I was ready to go back to work I had caught the cold/flu. I toughed it out for the rest of the week thinking I would be on the mend by the weekend’s end.

I was wrong…

When Saturday rolled around our frozen tundra was being washed away by a wave of spring like weather. I felt like crap but the girls and I couldn’t help it we had to go outside and play!


Penelope ran…


and ran…


…until she couldn’t anymore. She was still just too sick.


The nice weather is mocking us. We wait weeks for the sun to melt the snow, and when it finally arrives we are too sick to enjoy it.

I can’t call in sick to work tomorrow because I have to administer a standardized test. This entails staring at children for hours on end while they blankly stare at computer screens. It is my job to walk around the room, I can’t assist them, but I must lurk around them in a way that doesn’t make my shoes squeak or my ankles pop. I usually end up imagining what kind of animal they would be based on their appearance. A tiger… a koala bear?

It’s important stuff.

Since I work at two schools testing really screws up my schedule, so finding a sub is pretty much impossible.


I’m just going to have to tough it out, trying not to distract my testing students by gag coughing or wheezing. My salary schedule depends upon it after all… even if they refuse to answer the questions and opt to write the lyrics to the My Little Pony theme song instead. Not that I would be able to say anything if they did, but I would have done my job by walking 118 laps around the classroom staring at my students and determining what kind of old people they would each be in the nursing home one day.







In the mean time, I’ll fantasize about feeling well enough to go on a nice long run on a beautiful sunny day.

One thought on “And I Wake Up

  1. Oh wow! I am so sorry you feel so bad. I would not be surprised at all if your “gain” really is just bloat and water weight from being sick! Feel better and hopefully this week of sun…GLORIOUS SUN…will help you feel better.

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