That One Dimple

Insecurity… it’s a weird thing.

11666048_10206937656980741_9012440730536805953_n    11665363_10206937659620807_1959529724050452171_n

The other day I was at the pool with Penelope in all of my glory eating Cheetos. Yes, Cheetos. (Lack of weight loss Mystery solved.) It was rest period and I was sitting on my damp towel in a less than flattering position crunching on my snack when I decided to take the opportunity to people watch.

Watching half-naked people in a public setting could very well be one of the most interesting social experiments you can conduct. You can tell a lot about a person by how they behave in their bathing suit… the way they pull at their suits, the positions they insist on lounging in, the way they hunch their shoulders or arch their backs… very telling indeed.

But the thing that stood out to me the most was the universal fact that nobody really cares how YOU look in your bathing suit. Pool patrons are mostly just concerned about how THEY look. Nobody is looking at you and judging you. In fact, people probably appreciate you more if they look better than you do. Because let’s be honest, we’re all a little bit self-centered like that.

Later the whistle was blown and it was time to get back into the pool. I sat in the shallow end with Penelope within earshot of a gaggle of women, all of whom looked fantastic in their bikinis. I was wearing my sunglasses and was secretly scoping them out. Divying up which of their body parts I wish I had… I’ll take her boobs, her butt, and her flat abs. As I was admiring these women I could hear them talking among themselves. The conversation turned to insecurities. “Ugh I hate the cellulite on my butt. I have this ONE dimple that doesn’t go away no matter how many squats I do.”

I decided to check it out. Sure enough she had a dimple. I hadn’t noticed because I was too busy admiring her stomach from where I was sitting. Then I thought about it some more and it dawned on me that we all have insecurities because we are all imperfect. It’s how we approach those imperfections that determines how insecure you are.

It was a shame that lady had such a rocking body but she couldn’t enjoy it because she couldn’t see past that one flaw. Then I looked at myself and all of the things that bother me about myself and I decided that the same rules applied to me as well. Later that day I decided to go shopping for some summer clothes. I’ve been avoiding it because I’ve gained a little weight since last summer.


So far, for the majority of the summer I’ve been feeling pretty good in my skin. Then I went shopping and couldn’t find anything that fit right and BAM! I turned into an epic asshole to myself. I talked myself down and convinced myself that there was no use in trying to shop anymore because nothing would fit. (Apparently I wasn’t only an asshole but the middle school bully version of myself as well because I was pretty dramatic about it.)

This only lasted for a day because realized I was being stupid. So I went back to doing my summer thang…


10985040_10206937639300299_4084399832964287408_n (1)    10177900_10206862093411699_4304261419442520945_n


Bike Riding…


Having picnics at the park…


11709577_10206937923987416_6287647576233303134_n    11707625_10206937911787111_7146438393252872527_n


11402275_10206796594614270_3360193022058078948_o    11136295_10206937834145170_7087213092434726986_o (1)

Waking up early to go running…


Picking flowers…


and eating yummy food…

11182765_10206950317617249_4704245222358931311_o    11709240_10206951168638524_1292988234063913346_n

11722578_10206951187638999_39158318991605645_o    11665607_10206897883026417_6119760947420138216_n

It didn’t take long to feel better about myself.

Insecurity ebbs and flows. Somedays I could give a shit what people think of me because I think I’m pretty great. Then I’ll be a complete asshole to myself and talk myself down.

Throughout writing this blog I have discovered that there is something empowering about not giving in to the urge of talking down to yourself. I find that time is much better spent simply enjoying where you are in the moment… flaws and all.

3 thoughts on “That One Dimple

  1. I’ve gained some lbs back, too. But I’m trying to remind myself about the positives of a few extra pounds, like a rocking rack (hello, boys!) and looking younger (the wrinkles are all plumped out). And I’ve been pushing it at the gym with the weights, so there may be more of me than I’d really like, but it’s a really strong me. (Say something about my ass and I’ll kick your ass.) Perspective is important!

  2. Such a wonderful post, thank you. I have witnessed the exact same thing while people watching at the park…. I was admiring a lady’s sculpted calves (perfect heart shaped muscles and she was in flip flops….) And I overheard her say to her friend that she was wearing a longer skirt than usual because the 5 pounds she had gained was all in her thighs. Go figure…. I thought she looked awesome and was wishing I could go ask her some workout tips!! My dear friend said to me ” You think you’re disgusting to look at, yet your husband can’t keep his hands off you. Doesn’t this tell you anything?!?” HA – ok I get it. It is really all about perspective!!

  3. Love this! Also – someone once asked me “How many summers do you have left?” I was confused until she said – the average lifespan of a woman is 85. She was 40 at the time and she said, “I am not wasting my last 45 summers being an asshole to myself.” Point taken. I am still not thrilled about my body, BUT I discovered swimshorts that go over my suit and VOILA – confidence amplified!

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