Weekly Weigh-in #2


I missed you.

This week was crazy. As a 7th grade Language Arts teacher there are four times during the school year when I have to grade a massive project and this was one of those times. I kept taking pictures throughout the week in the hopes that I would have time to write up a quick post but it never happened. Instead, I opted for reading “If You Give a Moose a Muffin” and making greek-yogurt-blueberry-muffins with Penelope.

For the entirety of the week my friends hadn’t heard from me, my toddler cried when I went to the bathroom because she thought I was leaving for work, and most of my morning workouts had been replaced with early morning grading sessions.

That being said, I have still managed to sneak in a few workouts. One afternoon the weather was warm enough to hit the path for an afternoon run. I couldn’t go home to change because Penelope was waiting for me and would have flipped out if I left again. And I couldn’t change at school because… well, it just feels too weird changing anywhere in the vicinity of my students. So I changed in the Barnes and Noble bathroom. The problem is I forgot to take off my nerdy teacher glasses before I took off running.


The ride home was a bit hazy.

The week started off great with a nice Sunday walk to the coffee shop. (I ordered a simple non-fat latte thankyouverymuch.)


The problem is we had to pass one of my schools was on the way there. As we walked I thought about the World War II pictures I promised the kids I would bring in for the unit… and all of the grading I had to do… and all of the copies I had to make… and. Okay, I’ll stop.

So that afternoon while Penelope was taking her “rest” time I headed to work to get some stuff done.

10934116_10205648046581287_8187461524680363986_o  1979990_10205646886952297_5072508588973520737_o

There is something about being alone in an abandoned dark building during a cloudy yucky day that makes you glad that you brought a hammer with you.

I spent so much time planning my upcoming unit that I didn’t really have time to meal plan. I did a quick peek through the pantry and the refrigerator to make sure I had enough healthy stuff on hand and called it good. Despite the fact that I was super busy and slightly stressed out I still managed to stay on track all week long. I didn’t have one pity me sugar latte, or a I’m too busy to pack my lunch burrito… not even once.


All of my hard work for the week paid off. My students love the new unit I’m teaching, my pants don’t feel like they are slicing me in half, and I got to go on a nice walk and talk with my friend around a frozen lake while we watched the sun rise this morning.


Life is good!

Although… there was a creeper on the path with us who just stared at me when I chirped a “Good Morning!” The trail we walked on was close to a retirement community and I’ve made several senior citizen friends over the years running that trail…

That guy wasn’t one of them.

My friend Andrea and I decided that it might be best if we just walked a tad bit faster. And I plotted how I was going to escape his grasp if he just so happened to be a psycho.

FYI: My strategy is to act bat shit crazy… When I was a teenager and was paranoid about peeping toms I decided that if someone were outside my window there wouldn’t be any hiding under the covers. Instead, I would leap to the window throw up the curtains and scream like a maniac that wants to eat someone’s face.

Nobody’s gonna mess with that.

(I’m seeing a pattern of paranoia going on here, but we’re just going pretend like it’s not weird and just go with it.)

Anyway, I digress because the hammer nor my scare tactics were needed throughout the week.

But my weight loss strategies worked so that’s pretty awesome! I weighed in 3 pounds less than last week at 203 vs. the 206 from last week. That’s down 8.4 pounds after two weeks!

Yay me!

Enough about me, how did your week go? Run in to any psychos? Lose any weight?

Weekly Weigh-in #1


I’m gonna be honest with you guys… it took me a while to get into the groove this week. I told myself that I would be hardcore from day one (last Friday). That mentality didn’t really come to fruition until Monday. Up until that point I kind of dabbled in dieting but I wasn’t fully committed.

You know why? I hate dieting.

BUT after months and months of just doing whatever I wanted to the point of ridiculous it turns out to be absolutely necessary.  If you are going to be extreme in the “I don’t give a shit department”. You better be prepared to get extreme in the other direction if you have any hopes of undoing any of the damage that has been done. So, that’s what I’m doing…

There seems to be a progression of revelations that come with dieting that seems eerily similar to the steps of grief.


Shock and Denial- I’m not that fat… Oh CRAP I am that fat! 😦 I can’t handle this right now, I’ll deal with it tomorrow.

Anger and Depression- How did it get this far? What the hell is wrong with me? Why didn’t you just start yesterday?

Release and Honor- I know what I need to do and that’s all there is to it.

Return to Love- I get more awesome day after day! Can everybody see how awesome I am?

Over the weekend I was still in shock and denial. Then Monday and Tuesday rolled around and I exercised self-discipline for the first time in a long time. This pissed me off because I don’t like being bossed around, even if I am the one doing the bossing. Then Wednesday through today I’m feeling pretty proud for accomplishing all of the little steps that I took through the week.

The counting calories part was the hardest for me. But it proved to be the best method for regaining some perspective. I would try to sneak in something not 100% healthy and I ended up hungry at the end of the day. But if I filled up on wholesome goodness within my calorie range I felt great. That prompted me to continue to make smart choices.

For instance, last night I had some calories left over after dinner. I wanted a little dessert so I contemplated eating a piece of dark chocolate and savoring it. Or eating apples and greek yogurt. I chose the apples and greek yogurt and it was awesome.


When I weighed myself after the New Year I was shocked to see that I weighed 211.4 pounds. When I stepped on the scale today I weighed 206. That’s 5.4 pounds.

Honestly, I wish it were more. I wanted that 211.4 pounds to be mostly water weight from the holidays but I don’t think it is. The sobering fact is it is mostly comprised of fat.

I really am disappointed about ending up in this situation again…

I could blame it on all kinds of things: the ectopic pregnancy, PCOS hormones, new job, busy lifestyle… but none of that stuff matters. Wasting energy trying to justify how I ended up this heavy again doesn’t do anything for me in the future.

What I need to do is take this process one day at a time and pat myself on the back for each and every good decision that I make that leads me to where I want to go. In fact, that has kind of become a little nightly ritual. I track everything that I ate,  contemplate on all of the exercise I did and then I just take a moment to feel proud of myself.

Yes… I realize how cheesy that sounds..

But I really think it is necessary in the early stages of a lifestyle change.

I stripped down to my little blue short shorts for a new round of before and after pics. These will be posted on Friday January 30th along with the 1 month progress.

Now there is nothing left to do but keep going and that includes lunch with middle schoolers…


Meals For Week 1 of a New Year

Hi guys!

It’s my first day back to work and I just got done with my early morning gym session. I wanted to take the time to share the meals I’ve planned on cooking through out the week before I get engulfed in teacher stuff and forget to.

My mason jar lunch pick of the week is Kale and Wild Rice Bowls with Honey Balsamic Vinaigrette


I haven’t made this yet so I have a hodgepodge of healthy stuff sitting in random containers in my purse as we speak.

The dinners I plan on making through out the week are:

Chicken veggie stir fry w/ brown rice


(I don’t use a recipe for my stir fry… I just make it. But you can use this link if you want to.)

Crock Pot Sweet Potato and Quinoa Chili


(Minus the chips 😉 )

Grilled Chicken w/ Purple cauliflower rice w/ scallions and roasted asparagus

(No picture I just made that up)

Spaghetti Squash Lasagna Boats


I’ve got to hurry I have a meeting in 20 minutes BUT I have to share some good news and some bad news with you…

Good news is I’m not as fat as I thought I was because the pounds are already falling off.

The bad news is I cheated yesterday. Brent and I had money left over on a gift certificate to an awesome microbrewery near by. They have awesome Texas Brisket Tacos… the Cowboys were playing… I’m from Texas… just sayin.

The good news is that prior to the microbrewery I had gone to the gym and worked out. Plus I had gone to the movies to see Unbroken with Bridget SANS SNACKS. We didn’t even sneak anything in. (Well technically I did sneak in Kind bars because they were in my purse but we didn’t eat them so it doesn’t count.

More good news… we don’t have anymore gift cards taunting us to cheat anymore.

I just had to get that off of my chest. I did and now I feel better… Now I better hurry up and go to work!

P.S. There are probably typos because I’m in such a rush. Don’t judge me!

Have a great day everyone!!!

Get Your Toes Off Of My Nipple

“Get your toes off of my nipple.”

The weirdest phrase that has ever come out of my mouth… and I have motherhood to thank for it.

Over the weekend Penelope and I have been left completely alone. Bridget was out of town for a Girl Scout event and Brent was at work. This left Penelope and I to our own devices. Which included some much needed bonding since I’ve been working full time.

We snuggled and watched “tarcoons”. We painted pictures and made homemade macaroni and cheese…

1907910_10205098502123019_3209939264272846260_n 10432950_10205098494762835_3861881052851479009_n

We played at the park.

10427330_10205097238571431_8543520572466218711_n 10410603_10205097228771186_2889051585757419090_n

We fed the ducks.


And we made eggnog play dough…


(Here is a link to the Holiday-Scented Play Dough Recipes I used.)

Then things got weird.

Every where I turned her hazel eyes were trained on me.

When I peed- “What you doing?”

When I showered- “Oh I like your boobies!”

Then things started to escalate… at one point I was sucking on a peppermint when she asked, “What you eating? Can I see?”

I opened my mouth to show it to her which provided her the perfect opportunity to shove her chubby little fingers into my mouth where she retrieved the candy and popped it into her own mouth.

Then that strange moment when lines were crossed.

She insisted I get out of the shower to change her diaper because she was poopie. I was dripping wet and my towel slipped out of its tuck and roll position as I leaned over her to clean her up. The creepy toes that managed to make their way to my breast. Then the clinching of the toes and the pinching of the nipple.

That crossed the line. Even moms have boundaries…

“Get your toes off of my nipple!”

“Ohhh, dat your nipple?”

“Yes, don’t touch it.”

“Ohhh, I like your nipple.”

(Nobody told me motherhood would be this weird.)

It’s now nap time and I’m finally able to sit alone and sip on a nice warm cup of Earl Grey while I make preparations for the week ahead. The previous week was spent working late grading 7th grade personal narratives, photo bombing 7th grade selfies and solving 7th grade riddles left under my classroom door.

10003360_10205062724788608_230743749501969832_n 10704151_10205089724383581_3613813916763436939_n

By the time I made my way home in the evenings the sun was sinking behind the mountains.

The lack of sunshine has sent me into hibernation mode. This is the time of year when the most primitive part of my brain says, “You must eat cookies… you need to put your stretchy pants on… don’t move or you’ll burn what needs to be stored for winter.”

This lack of sunshine has led me to the conclusion that I’m just going to have to use that window of time that I have between classes (from 10:00 to 11:30) when I don’t technically get paid to get out and get some fresh air. This is hard for me because I typically use this time to grade papers, plan lessons, answer emails and make copies.

But after reading The Power of Habit, I have learned that habits can form in the blink of an eye. If you don’t create them intentionally they will manifest themselves without your permission. So that’s what I need to do… create a new habit before my old winter habits creep back in.

I’ve done this in several other aspects of my life. My job is less stressful because I wake up at five in the morning and show up an hour ahead of time. It doesn’t feel like more work because it has just become the norm. The house work isn’t has hard because my husband does it for me  because I make a habit of getting it done as quickly as possible. Getting ready in the morning hardly takes any time because I have my routine. Making dinner when I get home isn’t stressful because I just automatically do it. All of these things have made me very efficient.

Making new habits is a step by step process but now the time has come to use this momentum and harness it in my weight loss efforts.

Since this was a sink or swim type of week I didn’t make any conscious effort to lose weight. That being said, I also didn’t go out of my way to buy a “I’m stressed sugar filled latte” or a “feel sorry for me because I work hard hamburger”. I just ate what was planned for dinner and if that dinner didn’t suck I took the left overs for lunch.

It’s a slow, painful process but I’ve noticed that since I’ve started writing this blog I’ve become pickier about what I eat. If I’m going to eat something fattening I make it from scratch because processed stuff gives me the willies.

Since I’ve trained myself to eat cleaner I always think twice before buying that junk. That’s not to say I don’t give in sometimes, but it weighs heavier on my conscience now. This helps when you are an emotional eater because some of the old “feel good” foods don’t feel so good any more.

So now, instead of drinking eggnog as soon as it finds its way into the dairy section of the grocery store, I make a batch of eggnog play dough. You get the same feel good scent without getting fat because it tastes gross…

Don’t ask me how I know that. It just does.

If I want something sweet I have to take the time to make it.

If I want a decadent dinner I have to make that too.

A lot of the time all of that effort will deter me from giving in to my guiltiest cravings. And if it doesn’t it tastes damn good because I put a lot of effort into it 🙂

The Giraffes Must Have Lost Their Magic

Hi guys! Long time no blog…

I’ve been busy, you know, livin’ the life.


It’s a hard life I lead. I mean, I go on at least three bike rides a day. This has turned out to be a sneaky business because Bridget hasn’t been able to ride bikes due to the full arm cast she’s been sporting this summer. Therefore, I have to wait until she is at a friend’s house or distracted by a book to go out and ride. The good news is she always has her nose in a book so I’m pretty much free to ride whenever I want. In fact, I’m pretty sure the amount of time she spends reading is entirely unnatural.

We’ve also been busy checking out all of the fun festivities that have been going on around Denver. This weekend’s adventure was the chalk art festival, which took place near my old college stomping grounds…

10333334_10203941266432850_8111080741494734701_o 10295418_10203941266512852_3663712795254004342_o

10257970_10203941266552853_2681363903043909956_o 10380468_10203941266472851_7052807022568262206_o

Next week might just have to be this carnival that I saw advertised at the book store…


 Now don’t get me wrong, it hasn’t been all fun and games around here. In fact, I’ve been hard at work trying to find a teaching position this coming school year.  I actually had an interview this past Tuesday for the school where my student teaching took place (which, I love). I was absolutely thrilled at the opportunity and was super hopeful for a positive outcome.

I even wore my lucky giraffe shirt for the occasion…


But the giraffes must have lost their magic because I didn’t get the job.

I got beat out by a lady with 15 years experience so you can’t be too mad at that just coming right out of college. (Its okay, I still love my giraffes.) However, I was super bummed about the outcome. Apparently, I don’t take rejection very well because after I got the phone call I buried my sorrow in a bag of popcorn and a coke. The good news is the principal and the interview committee were still super impressed with me. (Their words not mine… well, they kind of are my words.) The principal gave me a few pointers for my next interview and offered to make some calls for me for any other schools that I may have applied for. I also got hired as a substitute teacher with the school district so worst case scenario I will be subbing part-time and staying home with Penelope on the days that Brent is at the fire station.

When I really think about it I can’t help but acknowledge that this might be the best of both worlds. Right when I reach my limit as a stay-at-home mom I’ll be given the opportunity to go to work and vice versa.

Anyway, on the same day that I got my rejection notice the whole family went with Bridget to her doctor’s visit to get her cast taken off.

10285116_10203941314714057_9190348369928370318_o 10295092_10203941314674056_5608895986941868632_o

We were all super excited… you know, because of that whole needing to ride our bikes to the pool to swim thing.

Unfortunately, we discovered that in addition to injuring her elbow she had also fractured her wrist. We didn’t know this at the time because the nerve in her elbow was going crazy causing pain throughout her entire arm down to her fingers. Bridget was devastated to discover that she wasn’t quite home free like she had hoped she would be. She ended up walking out with another cast. The good news is this one doesn’t go all the way up her arm and is waterproof/removable.

After the doctor’s appointment Bridget and I were tempted to scrap the whole day and call it bad… but we had a better idea. We went to the book store instead.

10005880_10203941456997614_5595429796212227964_o 10382571_10203941457037615_5447324265701959836_o

She still can’t ride bikes but she can participate in swim team which is good because she is signed up to do that three days a week for the summer.


So, for those three days we have a new morning routine that involves making sure everyone gets a little exercise. (Everyone, except for Penelope, because she’s strapped into the stroller.) Practice is super early in the morning so on these days we walk Bridget to the pool and while she practices I take Scout and Penelope for a run. Then we come back just in time to pick her up and walk home.

Then we water the garden and go on whatever adventure the day beckons us to do…


Which at this particular moment includes meal planning because as fun as all of this spontaneity is… I’m in need of a little organization in my life. I’ve been playing hard and I’m sure that burns a lot of calories but I need to do some planning in order to meet my goals. So stay tuned for another post of some yummy things I plan on preparing in the days to come.


Yeah, yeah, yeah… We get it Pinterest motivation board. I’m on it!