Damn That Diastasis

After a week of not really working out and a less than stellar weigh-in I jumped back into the workout pool feet first to catch up for some lost time. After my weigh-in I went to boot camp at my local gym because Brent was at work and couldn’t train me.

It was… awkward.

There was a lot of abdominal work to be done and during my pregnancy I had acquired quite the diastasis, which means my muscles split apart and when I do sit-ups my guts pop through like a hernia. (Click on the link for more information about what it is, what causes it and how to fix it.)


The embarrassing part was when I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror looking like turtle that had been flipped over onto it’s back. If it wasn’t ME who was doing the floundering on the ground then I probably would have found it quite entertaining.

I JUST. COULDN’T. DO IT… But I kept trying.

So needless to say I was pretty sore on Saturday. But my friend Tara called to see if we wanted to go for a hike and I couldn’t resist. Bridget was on a sleepover so it was just Brent, Penelope and I.


I started off wearing Penelope in the baby bjorn so I could get a good workout in but the snow got slippery so Brent took over. I couldn’t help but feel a sense of satisfaction when I heard him breathing harder than he normally would have. (If only he could have received a good kick in the bladder.) There’s no harm in giving him a little taste of pregnancy to make him appreciate me more.

It was pretty pathetic how tired the both of us were once we got home and put Penelope to bed for the night. I heated up an Amy’s burrito for dinner and paired it with a nice cold beer.

This morning it was back to business as usual and I met some friends at Crossfit Bodywerx so that Brent could carry on with the butt kicking.

When I got home I was craving a big salad with ranch dressing. I was raised in Texas and where I’m from ranch dressing goes with everything… except for dessert. Since ranch isn’t really figure friendly and the low-fat versions are full of fake crap I was so glad when I found this…


It’s made with kefir which totes a lot of health benefits. The texture is slightly different and it’s not meant to slather, but the flavor is really good. It has been a life saver. I love it with baked chicken tenders tossed in Frank’s Red Hot sauce served on top of greens with a little bit of shredded cheddar. (Perfect for those hot wing cravings.) It’s also really good with sweet potato oven fries that have been seasoned with garlic powder and chipotle chili pepper… SO GOOD.

What is your favorite healthy salad dressing? I’m trying to eat as many veggies as I can and sometimes you’ve just got to switch things up!