The Spring Break “To Do” List

Guess what…



I can not tell you how excited I am! I only have a few more weeks of student teaching left and then I will be free to roam my garden barefoot picking weeds strawberries, going on long bike rides and lounging in the grass.

I just LOVE this time of year!  As I watch green things resurrect themselves from the brown desolate ground I just can’t help but get the feeling that something great is just around the corner. I wake up every morning with that bubbly giddy feeling, fueled by the sound of chirping birds inviting the sun to come out and play.

I feel like I’ve got to live it up while I’ve got the chance! Therefore there has been a “To Do” list designated for this week alone…

The Spring Break “To Do” List

1.) Plan my garden and get it prepped for this season.


Say hello to my little friend(s)… thyme, chives, strawberries and tulips

2.) Have a drink… or five with my hubby.


Banana Bread Beer. Yep, that just happened… twice.  Chased down with an Apricot something or other, a white gorilla drink (?) and a sour apple beer thingy. Needless to say, Brent and I had found a specialty tap house within walking distance from our house. This seemed awesome at first until I realized that the alcohol content of these beers tend to double that of regular beer. We came home in fine spirits until Brent popped a wad of chew into his lip.  (A new habit he formed while on wild land fire deployment the previous summer.) In an attempt to show him how gross it is to have a significant other with a disgusting habit I also popped a wad of chew in my lip. Every time he spit I spit determined to keep it in as long as he did. I was on a mission to gross him out. Let’s just say my little plan back fired.

I puked… Sandlot style.


Never again… never.

I guess you can say we can scratch that one off of the list.

3.) Watch Divergent with Bridget.

Remember a long time ago when I told you that you should read this little book called Divergent? Well, the movie finally came out and I was charged with organizing a 6th grade ditch day to take a bunch of kids to watch it on the last day of school before spring break.


It was SO. GOOD. Bridget and I kind of want to watch it again so that we can look at the actor who plays Four. We were both slightly disturbed to find that we both have a crush on the same actor. I was secretly pleased when Bridget looked up his age, “He’s so old… he’s like  29!” Ha! Ha! I win… never mind the fact that I’m happily married to your father.

3.) Cook Yummy Healthy Stuff.

Before spring break started Brent posted a link to this recipe on my facebook page with the caption, “Please, please… pretty please.” So that’s what we’re having for dinner tonight.


I’m also looking forward to Pinteresting my heart out and sipping on coffee while I browse through food blogs and plan all of the other yummy things I now have the time to make.

4.) Catch up on my trash TV.

I’m behind on Teen Wolf…




and Downton Abbey…


5.) Reacquaint myself with my inner athlete.


My body needs a good ass kicking. I miss my muscles!

I weighed myself after the whole banana bread beer debacle and I weighed in at 185.8. I was feeling abnormally hung over puffy during this weigh in so there’s no telling how much weight I actually lost this week. However, I’m feeling more motivated than ever to shape up for this upcoming summer. I just can’t wait!!!


Labor Day Weekend

Happy Labor Day weekend!

While others are out getting their eat and drink on I’m at home meal planning my little heart out…


Okay so maybe I’m getting my drink on a little bit too.

This weekend was a bit uneventful but still pretty great. Brent has to work on Labor Day so it doesn’t really feel like a holiday. That’s the downside to his schedule, the up side is we can treat any other mundane weekday as a holiday when he get’s off work while everyone else is at work. He’ll be gone for another three days in a row, be back two days and then be gone another three. So basically, I’m a single mom… again.

Sometimes I prefer the space this allows me because then I can sleep on his side of the bed or wax the blonde mustache off of my face with out having to worry about him seeing the red remnants on my upper lip. But sometimes I need a night like tonight where I can sit on my back deck, drink a glass of wine and let him put the baby down to bed. Those are the things I miss most… oh and him too I guess  😉

Although we didn’t do a bunch of stuff this weekend we still had a great time. We went on a ton of bike rides, since I got my new baby seat in the mail… a belated birthday present.


This meant that we made a few visits to the coffee shop, even though I know perfectly well how to make my own iced coffee. But we couldn’t help it because there is the nicest group of old ladies who walk their dogs to our shop seemingly everyday. They always coo over Penelope while Penelope coos over their dogs. We knew they would get a kick out of her new toy and helmet so we just had to show it off.


On Friday Bridget and I finally got to spend some quality one on one time with each other by going on a mommy daughter date. Her friend called her the night before to see if she could hang out with her and I overheard her saying that she couldn’t because she had a date with her mom. She didn’t even hesitate which made me grin. She may be a tween but she’s still a mommy’s girl and I love it. Her and I bond over books so we did what all nerdy girls do. We hung out at the bookstore before going to see a movie that originated from a book.


We saw Mortal Instruments: City of Bones. It was actually pretty good but the movie we are dying to see is Divergent which comes out in March. I recommended this book several months ago when I stumbled across it at the library. If you haven’t read it you have until March to do so. It’s SO good… better than The Hunger Games in my humble opinion. Here’s the trailer to the movie. Can’t wait!!!

Anyway, other than cleaning out my gutters…


Which gave me a whole new understanding to the saying about “being in the gutter”… eeeww!

We didn’t do much. I’ve been working on a freelance project that just won’t. get. finished. So I told myself that I would take the day off and relax. No writing!

Well, here I am writing to you instead… I can’t help it. You know when you have those friends that you invite over to your house even though you never managed to get out of your jammies but neither of you really cares? Well, that’s how I feel about this blog. I like you guys and I kind of miss you when I don’t hear from you in a while. When I’m writing to you it doesn’t feel like work.

Plus, I’m really excited about this week. I’ve got all of my ducks in a row. I’ve scheduled when I will workout and when I will write. I’ve planned all of my meals and I’ve stocked up the fridge with healthy stuff.


I’m really pushing myself to make it to 180 lbs by the end of this month. So that means I’m going to have to exert some self discipline. That’s why I’m drinking the wine tonight. (uhhh… what?). No more alcohol for the rest of this month. I’m increasing my water intake and focusing on filling my plates with good old fashioned produce. Now that I have a toddler who cries when you take her out of her bike seat I’m bound to spend even more time outside peddling to my heart’s content.


It may not be a lake trip extravaganza but as I sit outside drinking my wine,  listening to the crickets and smelling my neighbor’s laundry detergent wafting over the fence I can’t help but feel like I’m having little Labor Day celebration of my own. It’s not going to last long because that laundry detergent is reminding me of all of the loads of laundry I should be doing right now. Ah well, I can drink and do laundry at the same time 😉

Have a great weekend everyone!

Victoria’s Secret Hair

Do you ever have those magical days when you wake up and feel like one of those princesses that sings to birds… Yeah, I don’t usually either. But today was different.

I got a full 11 hours of sleep and I must have been so exhausted from the teething shenanigans of the week before, that I hardly moved an inch. When I got out of bed I stumbled into the bathroom and looked at myself in the mirror and saw… Victoria’s Secret Hair.


I wiped the mascara out from under my eyes and straightened up a little and thought. “Huh… not too bad. If only I had the body to go with it.”

Then I looked down at my legs where the muscles are trying to make a come back and thought.

“Nah… I’ll stick with the gams that I’ve got.”

If you think about it there really isn’t much to be envious of… Okay, so what if they don’t have belly rolls, cellulite and stretch marks? I’m satisfied knowing that with one swift kick from my good leg I could easily shatter two of those twiggy legs. (We’ll thank Muay Thai for that.)

As I brushed my teeth I decided that I’d take my strength over a wobbly boobie ridden body any day.

With that said, I have a book recommendation for you. It is called Divergent and it’s written by Veronica Roth. It’s kind of similar to The Hunger Games but I think it’s actually better. The girl in this book isn’t perfect but she finds herself through her strength and you kind of learn to love her for it. I stumbled upon it at the library and found out that a movie is going to be made of it in 2014. It’s definitely a must read.

Oh, and since this post looks like it’s about a lady named Victoria who needs to take care of that “secret hair” of her’s here is an informative link on how to shave less… you’re welcome.