Week 3 Weigh-in

As I walked to the scale this morning I thought of my previously cheerful self hurriedly making her way to the scale to record how awesome she is and I just wanted to stick my foot out and trip her.

This week instead of eagerly making my way to the scale I hung my head and dragged my feet as I thought…


Okay, so maybe I’m being a little dramatic.

I did what I do and got naked and stepped on the scale and it said… 211.2

Boo…. last week I weighed 211.6 so I’ve managed to shed a few ounces in a week.

I’ve known this week’s weigh-in was going to be less than spectacular because I only worked out twice. I also had a cheat day on Sunday that kind of trickled into Monday. Other than that I did a pretty good job this week of eating clean and drinking lots of water.

I’m drinking my coffee this morning as I type this and as pathetic as it is I’m secretly hoping it will get things moving so that I can step on the scale again and weigh a few more ounces less.

Too much? Yeah you’re right, that’s gross. Let’s pretend like I didn’t just say that.

Sunday was my first official “cheat” day and I was left wondering if cheat days are a good idea or not. There are many schools of thought but I stumbled upon this article called “Cheat Day- The Best Day of the Week that I found useful.

Do you use a cheat day, if so what are your guidelines? I would love to hear your opinions on it when you weigh in.

UPDATE: I now officially weight 210.8. We will not talk about what transpired to make this magical number happen.

Have a good day everyone!

Oh and here’s a little pep talk just in case your weigh-in didn’t go as planned. There’s nothing wrong with a little daily affirmation 🙂