Week 21 Weigh-in

Good morning everyone!


¬†Guess what? It’s weigh-in day!

I woke up this morning actually looking forward to posting my weight today. When this happens I always feel unlikable, like that teacher’s pet who always raises their hand and then smirks at you when they get the answer right.

Now that I’ve found my groove I actually feel pretty boring. My most interesting posts were born from failures. Any good story has got to have a little struggle in it.¬†(I’ll have to keep that in mind when things aren’t looking so good.)

When I stepped on the scale it read 189.4.

Once I reach 187 I get to make another trip to Lululemon to invest in some super cute shorts and maybe a tank top if it can handle my boobs.

Until then I found a few cute tops at Target to hold me over. I put one on and took a self photo of it to show how slim I look. But it looked like I was taking a self-portrait of my boobs.


Not really the kind of blog I’ve got going on.

I always think it’s funny when people google “hottie” and they are led to my blog to find pictures like this…



And I’ll just leave you with that little image in your mind…

How was your week? Are you still on this journey with me? Once you’ve reached your goal let me know and I’ll do a feature on your success!

Happy Friday everyone ūüėČ

Hey Look At My Butt!

I seriously just spent ten minutes trying to take a picture of my own butt.

It¬†didn’t really work.¬† My dog was just watching me like, “Yeah, I do that sometimes too. But you’ll never catch it, I speak from experience.”

I couldn’t help it. I was wearing my new Lululemon¬†pants and I have fallen in love with the way they make my butt look. In the words of my sister-in-law Carrie, “Aren’t they just glory on your bum?”

Yes Carrie, they are.

I don’t know if it’s the pants or the workouts that my husband has been putting me through but seriously ya’ll, my butt looks good!

You can tell a lot about a man by the kind of workouts he creates for women. I have come to the conclusion that my husband is a butt guy. Every time I step foot into the gym he feels compelled to set my buns on fire.

Yesterday was no different. Here is the workout he put me and my friend Tara through.

We’ll call it…

“These Buns Are On FIRRRRE!”

(Little known fact, my husband has a huge crush on Alicia Keys.)


Spiderman lunges and Toy soldiers


3 x 10 weighted bridges

hip thrust

Do you see my Lululemon sign winking at you?


We loaded up the prowler until it was so heavy that we couldn’t run with it while pushing. He had us push it across the gym and then do overhead kettlebell lunges back. Then switch and rest while the other person does it. We did this five times, I think. It kicked my butt so I don’t remember.

prowler pushes

This may not sound like much but your heart wants to explode as soon as you stop pushing the prowler. It’s so weird.

kettlebell lunges

The lunges killed me! We used 16 kg kettlebells and it really worked our core. Which,¬†according to¬†the muffin top I’m sporting here, seems to be something I struggle with.

I feel like I’m back on track, the Veggie Challenge has turned out to be a great idea!

Veggie Challenge Day 2



I made a veggie scramble with these lovely veggies. I only saute veggies on high because I like them to caramelize like this…


I add the spinach last because I just want it to wilt a little. Then I push all of the veggies aside and cooked up some turkey sausage then the eggs.¬†It was¬†topped off with a little Siracha or “Rooster Sauce”.


Brent puts “Rooster Sauce” on everything, so much so that when Bridget was in first grade she¬†felt compelled to throw the bottle away because she felt like her daddy had a “problem”.



Brent and I just tossed some of the cooked left over shredded chicken in Frank’s Red Hot Sauce and made salads with yogurt ranch and cheese. I usually love this but for some reason I thought the chicken tasted gross. I still ate it though because I was starving after that workout.



Brent made home-made¬†baked chicken tenders using boneless skinless¬†chicken thighs instead of chicken breast. I thought it sounded gross but it was SO yummy. It tasted more like fried chicken because of the dark meat. We served it up with oranges and broccoli madness. Broccoli madness is just something that I make and I’m not sure I’ll be successful in sharing my recipe but I’ll try.

Broccoli Madness

1 head of broccoli chopped into florets

2 tbls chopped red onion

2-3 tbls dried cranberries

2- tbls chopped or slivered nuts (salted is best)


(This is the part that gets tricky you’ll have to play with it to your taste)

1 tbls of lite mayo

2-3 tbls red wine vinegar

1-2 tbls sugar or agave nectar

In a small bowl mix together mayo, red wine vinegar¬†and sugar. Keep adding vinegar¬†until the mixture is pinkish in color and cancels out most of the mayo taste. Mix in the sugar until you’ve found a tasty balance between sour and sweet. (I really suck at this.) Lightly pour the dressing over the broccoli then add the other toppings and mix.

This is the only way we eat broccoli at our house. We tend to get heavy-handed¬†on the¬†cranberries but it just makes it yummier.¬†If you are too scared to try my version¬†because I’m horrible at writing recipes you can refer to this recipe. It has more yummy stuff in it like bacon and cheese but is definitely not diet friendly. Good luck!

Operation Lululemon… The Results

In Operation Lululemon¬†I shared the tale of a girl who got an awesome Lululemon hoodie for Christmas from her super sweet¬†girlfriend. This was both wonderful and humbling at the same time. Wonderful, because the hoodie was awesome. Humbling, because the damn thing just wouldn’t zip up.

Every time I put this jacket on I felt like Chris Farley was taunting me with his song Fat Guuuy in a Little Coaaat

fat guy in a little coat

I was pretty bummed out about it¬†but in order to make light of¬†the situation¬†my husband and I had made a bet. If I could zip the hoodie up by Valentine’s Day then we would go on a shopping trip… to Lulu.

I was super excited for this day to come but I was also really nervous. I had made this bet public, what happens if¬†this doesn’t pan out the way I wanted it to? I could just envision myself proudly zipping up the hoodie and¬†doing a little dance.¬†Then hearing¬†the zipper split apart as waves of belly rolls broke free.

This is what I looked like in the jacket six weeks ago…


This is what it looked like today…




Whoo hooo!

I was so excited that I could not only zip it up but that it looked good too!

That didn’t stop me from being a little nervous about the shopping trip. Shopping hasn’t really been my favorite thing since having Penelope. I have yet to wear a pair of pants that didn’t have an elastic waist band. I haven’t gone on a real shopping trip since I was seeking out maternity clothes at Motherhood.

I was fully prepared to go to Lululemon and make fun of myself by trying on clothes that looked hideous on me. I was going to show my rolls in all of their glory and laugh about it. This all would have been a lie. I would have gone home and cried afterward…

But today is Valentine’s Day and I didn’t want to ruin it by feeling ugly.

I don’t know what I was thinking but before I knew it I was digging out¬†the hideous false eyelashes that I wore with my Halloween costume four years ago and I was glueing them to my eyelids in desperation. I also opted for hot pink lipstick that I bought on a whim about a year ago but have yet to wear.

I can’t give you a good reason for my actions. I think maybe I was hoping to place the focus on my face instead of on my body. That way when I was in the dressing room¬†and I saw the fat on my body screaming at me through too tight clothing I could get distracted by the face that was staring back at me.

The only thing I managed to accomplish was to  transform Chris Farley into Chris Farley in drag.

I could feel the weight of the eyelashes¬†pulling my left eyelid lower than my right.¬†I almost ripped them off in the car but I told myself that it was Valentine’s Day and I was just being festive by wearing them.

We drove to Cherry Creek which is a fun part of Denver to do our shopping. Plus, Cherry Cricket was nearby and I planned on drowning my failure in a massive cheat day hamburger… and a¬†cold beer.

As we walked up to the store I could see the clothing calling out to me. I couldn’t help but get excited. I wanted to wear that stuff SO. BAD.

As soon as we walked through the door the sales ladies were so accommodating. I told them that I had just lost a little weight and I was rewarding myself. They helped me dig through the biggest size that they had, size 12, and filled up a dressing room full of possibilities.

(Did you know that they have pants that are supposed to support your muscles during high impact workouts and that they help prevent you from getting so sore??? True story.)

I stepped in the dressing room while Brent and Penelope waited outside for me. I took a deep breath¬†and got ready for the disappointment…


… but it never came.

I didn’t look like a fitness model or anything but I actually had a lot of options to choose from. There wasn’t one pair of pants that didn’t fit great. I’m definitely¬†not ready for the skimpier tank tops but I know that at some point this summer I will be. I had to choose between shorts or full length pants or knee-length pants… I was so excited!

As I was walking out of the dressing room the sales lady asked me if I had found something that I liked and I said yes. She said that she was going to give it to me for free…

WHAT?! Back up a minute… free?

She told me that they chose me to be a product tester. She said that they meet up with their designers on a regular basis to discuss what is and isn’t working with their current designs. They randomly choose people to test out their merchandise and then they go over¬†the feedback that¬†they have recieved in order to better their products.

I wanted to cry… you would have thought¬†she had¬†handed me a Grammy.

The whole experience was ten times better than I could have ever imagined. Since they were giving me the pants I got to pick out another jacket.

Here’s the outfit as a whole…


And guess what… this jacket is a size 10.

When we got done shopping Brent and I headed to our Valentine lunch date. I was so excited about what just went down that I could hardly eat my burger. I told Brent that this was the BEST DAY EVER and he gave me a funny look.

That’s when¬†he reminded me that I have given birth to two beautiful daughters and I have gotten married…¬†“so maybe it wasn’t the best day ever, right???”

I couldn’t help but laugh at him. He was right.

So maybe today wasn’t the best day EVER. But it was a really,¬†REALLY great day.

Now I’ve got my sights set on a pair of shorts… if I lose twenty more pounds they’re mine.

Game on!

The Pee Pee Dance

I’m so confused… after having¬†two not¬†so great weigh-in’s in a row I told myself that I was going to up my calorie intake to what is recommended for my current weight to see if my metabolism has slowed down. I did that for about two days. Then, I got a big slap in the face this weekend¬†when Brent¬†hung up my Lululemon hoodie and turned to me and¬†said, “Are you ready for this?”

For those of you who haven’t read Operation Lululemon, my husband and I have a bet as to whether or not I can zip my jacket up by Valentine’s Day. If I can, then I get to go shopping for more Lululemon attire. If I can’t then he get’s something. I’ve only got two weeks to win this challenge. Now is not the time for science experiments!

What do I do?! I can’t plateau anymore but I don’t want to waste time trying to figure out what is going on. This is so weird because a few months ago I would have jumped at the chance to have an excuse to eat more. But I’m on a roll and don’t want to screw that up. Most importantly, I want to kick my husband’s butt!

Speaking of butt kicking…

I met up with my friend at Crossfit Bodywerx today for a round of “Brent is mad at me for stealing the covers last night so I must suffer”.¬†Take note… if you can help it NEVER let your spouse be your personal trainer. My problem is that my husband is just so blasted good at it that I just can’t help myself.

I tried to get Brent to take pictures while we worked out but he told me he was my trainer not my photographer… Well excuse me Mr. Big Trainer Pants!

Here is the workout and the terrible pictures that he did manage to take…


(The following were done down one end of the gym and back again.)

Toy Soldiers

Spider Lunges

10 air squats

Using a medicine ball as a spotter to help you focus on form

3×5 barbell back squat

Once again going light and focusing on form


Holding the bar hurt Morgan’s shoulder so she did it with a kettlebell behind her back.


(workout of the day)

 Part 1: The Butt

 3 rounds of 20 walking lunges and penguin walks


You look really special while doing this but it KILLS your butt.


Here¬†I am lunging… well, that actually looks more like the pee pee dance. Let’s try that again.


Oh brother, that seriously looked so much better in my head.

This is the point where Brent¬†informed me that he was not the photographer. After looking at the pictures I’m pretty sure he just¬†knew he wasn’t any good at it. But Penelope thought it was rude…


At this point I was too tired to care and we weren’t done by a long shot.

Part 2: The Tummy

Tabata Intervals


flutter kicks

twisting med ball tosses (5 burpees for each time you drop it)

Part 3: The lungs

Three rounds of shuttle runs and 15 russian kettle bell swings

We had to do these as fast as possible. My times were 28 seconds, 25 seconds and 24 seconds.

After that workout I didn’t care how many calories I ate just as long as I got some food in my belly. I’m still a little confused but I’m going to try not to overthink¬†it. If I’m hungry I’ll eat a little more if I’m not I’ll eat a little less. All I know is that I better be able to zip up that hoodie without looking like a ten pound sausage¬†in a five pound casing.

Operation Lululemon

I have this hoodie that my friend bought me for Christmas. It’s from Lululemon… if you haven’t heard of it than you must not be serious about your fitness fashion.

Needless to say, I didn’t really know about it.

My friend Amanda on the other hand looks cute all of the time, even when she’s lifting weights, or running, or lying around¬†the house or… well you get it. I kind of hate her for it, but then she goes and buys me this dadgum hoodie and I love her again.

The only problem with this hoodie is that I can’t zip it up. (Even though I’m pretty sure she bought the biggest size that they have.)¬†I didn’t tell her that at first but then I finally copped¬†to it. I must have been really awkward about the whole¬†thing because Brent finally asked me if it fit. I put it on to show him and tried to close it shut and of course it pushed my boobs together. Brent thought it fit just fine.¬†Apparently he had become¬†oblivious to that fact that I’ve gotten so fat that¬†I’ve turned into one big walking, jiggly boob… or maybe he knows this and has just embraced it. Dudes like boobs.

The opportunist in me decided to make a deal with him. If I get to where I can zip this jacket up then he has to buy me something else from Lululemon. Unfortunately, he’s an opportunist as well because he put a time frame on it, Valentine’s Day. If I can’t zip it then he gets something.


So here it is folks, the jacket that won’t zip.

This picture was taken after Brent trained us today at Crossfit Bodywerx. I knew I was going to take this picture and wanted to wear a cute shirt underneath. But right before it was time to go to the gym I realized that I had put all of my workout clothes in the washing machine but not the dryer. I only have one sports bra that can handle this much woman so I had to wear it sopping wet. I also ended up wearing¬†this “slurpee” shirt that had a hole in the armpit and pants that are two sizes too small. So much for trying to be cute right? Oh well, Amanda is cute enough for the both of us. I’ll post the results on Friday, February 15th during the weekly weigh-in.

Brent isn’t going to win this bet and I think he knows it, so he cuddled with Penelope as he proceeded to¬†kick my ass.


 Amanda and I worked out together and this is what he had us do.

Warm up:

1000 meter row

We did 3×10 on each of the following exercises with kettle bells¬†going higher in weight for each set:

One legged Romanian Deadlifts

 clean and press


That was only the warm up!


(a.k.a. workout of the day)


(meaning as many rounds as possible)

5 minutes on each station going as hard as possible for 30 seconds and resting 20 seconds.

prowler pushes (pushing a heavy sled looking thing)

spinning on the bike


battling ropes (you’ve seen it on the Biggest Loser)

And with that I will leave you with this little nugget of entertainment…

P.S. You can see the result here.