Peter Pan


I don’t know about you but I’m always looking for ways to justify doing what I want to do versus what I should do.  And I always make up reasons for why certain days should be deemed “special occasion days” (days that are dedicated to doing whatever the hell I want).

Here are a few examples of circumstances that will cause me to believe that I deserve a self imposed holiday…

a) It’s cloudy, rainy or snowy outside.

b) I’ve been prevented from getting a good night’s sleep the night before.

c) I’ve accomplished something that I didn’t want to do (ie. written a term paper)

d) I’m in a bad mood.

e) I’m in a good mood.

f) I have a headache.

g) Any day the weather is particularly delightful.

h) When I hear Christmas music on the radio for the first time.

i) A movie is released based on a book series that I have devoted my life to.

j) Any time I get caught breaking the law (i.e. a parking ticket).

There are more circumstances that may come about but when these things happen I feel entitled to something a little special, a treat if you will. Sometimes it’s to make me feel better, other times it’s to celebrate how great I feel.

This is my way of living out that childhood fantasy of what it’s like to be an adult. The one I swore I would live out in a fit of childish fury back in 1985 on a day that I didn’t get my way. It’s the fantasy I clung to as I packed my most prized possessions in my snoopy suitcase and ran away… down the street… until I got bored and cold and realized that my neighbor’s tree wasn’t as comfortable as I had envisioned. The fantasy I threw in my parents face when I walked back through the door to see them wearing their “We knew you would come back” smirk.


That’s the one I still cling to even though it’s become blatantly clear that I’ve been tricked somehow because adulthood hasn’t really panned out the way I had planned.

Today was one of those days.  It is classified under circumstance (b) lack of sleep. I needed to have a special occasion day to make up for my inability to sleep through the night the previous three nights due to demands made by my toddler.

My options are limited so I usually do what I want in the form of sabotaging any healthy habits I may have acquired. But today, I went old school instead and ran away…


Only this time I didn’t pack my snoopy suitcase and try to live in a tree.

I didn’t really want to go for a run. I was tired but I knew that once I got out and started moving I would feel better. The first mile is always the hardest for me. I feel like I’m running on wooden legs until finally the endorphins kick in and I find my stride.

As I ran along minding my own business I saw an old man come toward me on roller blades. He looked familiar and then I realized that he’s my unspoken friend that I always wave and smile at when I pass him on the path. He’s usually walking but apparently he decided to spice things up a bit by upgrading to roller blades. He has to be at least 80 and the first time we passed each other he gave me a thumbs up and a big grin. The second time he blew me a kiss. If any other person had done that I would have been thoroughly creeped out but this guy was just living it up and just couldn’t contain himself. When you run into someone like that you can’t help but get caught up in their enthusiasm.

When I ran into him on that running path today I got what I was looking for, something special in the midst of an ordinary day. A living replica of how you should live in the form of an overly flirtatious old man who refuses to stop doing whatever the hell he wants… a real life Peter Pan.

Can You Come Out and Play?

When I was a kid I was the serious outdoor type. The thought of being contained in a classroom all day was torture.

I was constantly marching up and down the street knocking on doors in search of someone to play with. Even in the sixth and the seventh grade when you are supposed to be too cool to “play” I would be found touting the words, “Can you come out and play?”

I never outgrew this phase apparently. You can ask my brother-in-law Bryce who was surprised to find that I carry roller blades in the trunk of my car just in case the need arises. To this day I still wear shorts under my summer dresses. I never know when I’ll feel the urge to do a cart wheel or flip upside down on the monkey bars.

Today was one of those days where I couldn’t contain myself. I had to be outside!

It started off at 6:30 with a run. It was the first morning I didn’t have to wear a jacket all year and it was gorgeous out.

best morning

When I got home I was in the best mood. Being a pedestrian always does that to me. I whipped up a green smoothie for me and some rocky mountain toast for the girls. It was so beautiful, outdoor dining was a must.

After I dropped Bridget off at school and got Penelope down for a nap I decided to brew some sun tea.


Tea reminds me of home (Texas) and I couldn’t help but think that my friend Sarah would be super proud of my southern moment. Many years ago Sarah came out to Colorado for my wedding. During that time we had a dinner at my in-law’s house. During the dinner Sarah was shocked to find that the tea didn’t have any sugar in it. She turned to my mother-in-law and in her thick Texas accent asked, “Do ya’ll have sweet tea?”

Brent’s family got a kick out of her southern drawl. Sarah also tried to take a yoga class before the dress rehearsal and passed out because she wasn’t used to the altitude. She woke up to the people saying, “Oh my God! The Texas girl passed out!” Of course we teased her about that too…

But then during my first year of living out here in Colorado she came to visit me and made me fried green tomatoes to heal my homesick heart. She’s the best.

Anyway, as soon as Penelope woke up from her nap which took all of ten minutes we headed out the door for our first picnic of the year with her friend Lucy!


Penelope and Lucy have been best friends for years… they go way back to the fetus days.

Penelope spent most of this time checking out everyone else’s picnics, sitting down on other people’s blankets and helping herself to their strawberries and pretzels. I guess my strawberries weren’t good enough. I somehow managed to eat a grilled chicken salad while trying to keep Penelope contained. I wasn’t very successful.

I thought for sure that when we got home afternoon nap would be a breeze. She slept long enough for me to put on my bathing suit and spray on some “dry” tanning oil before picking some weeds in my backyard.

The “dry” oil was anything but dry. I ran my hand over my shoulder to find that I was dripping in it. I was nice and shiny for my neighbors viewing pleasure… hey, that’s what they get if they are peeking into my back yard.

Note: bugs drown in sweat/suntan oil. It’s gross.

After I was satisfied with the amount of weeds I had plucked I sat down with a snack and a book. I found the Casual Vacancy from J.K. Rowling at the library in the “Lucky Day” section.


I got about two pages in before Penelope decided to crash my party. It was okay I couldn’t help but want to snuggle with that little munchkin who still smelled like strawberries… and oranges.

The outdoor fun didn’t stop after I picked Bridget up from school. We ate dinner outside before going for a stroll through the neighborhood. Once we got Penelope down for bed Bridget and I snuck outside and jumped on the trampoline together. She was wanting to show me her front flip technique.

I used to do front flips all of the time so I gave it a shot too. Guess what, I’ve still got it 😉