Week 29 Weigh-in and a Birthday Celebration!

First off…


(Even though you don’t read my blog… thank God.)


Bridget turning 10

summer girlsBridget turning 11

I can NOT get over how much she has grown this year alone! When they tell you it goes by so fast they are not joking…

Okay, I’m stalling.┬áLet’s get to this weigh-in business. I have to be honest with you weight loss was the last thing on my mind this week. I know! This is a freakin weight loss blog so what have I been up to? I took a mental vacation that’s what. I’ve just been spending time with my girls.

We hung out at the farmer’s market drinking fresh lemonade and buying strange vegetables that I have absolutely no idea how to cook.


We spent a ton of time swimming and we watched the Secret Life of Bees because Bridget finally finished the book.


We bawled and laughed and bawled… Oh it was so good! The perfect mother daughter flick for sure.

Weight loss wasn’t even on the radar. I just spent the week being happy with myself the way that I am instead of pining and wishing I were thinner. You may not agree but I feel like this was a good thing. I needed to give my brain a break from picking myself apart.

It went something like this.

Then I stepped on the scale this morning and it read… 192.8. Eew.

You would have thought wearing a bathing suit every day would have prompted me to lose some weight. This is clearly not the case. Apparently I’m loving every extra inch on this body.

It’s the pending sweaters of the next season that are going to scare me back into action.┬áBathing suits don’t cause you to have muffin tops but tight jeans and form fitting sweaters do. My goal is to weigh in the 160’s by the time Halloween rolls around. I need to be done with the weight loss portion of this journey by the time I do my student teaching in January. I’ll be juggling a very strict schedule with a severe case of mommy guilt so I need to clear as much off of my plate as I can.

I want all of my healthy habits to be just that, habits. I want to get to the point where I don’t even think about it anymore. Eating healthy and working out are just a way of life. It’s all a part of balancing out this crazy life.

With that being said I am glad that I had a little time off to enjoy where I am at this very moment. There is nothing wrong with appreciating where you are in the moment and honestly I needed the quality time with my girls. At the same time I don’t want to become complacent. So I’m going into the second phase of this journey and I’m pretty excited about it.

How has your journey come along? Do you ever feel like you need a reset button?