Week 6 Weigh-in

Once again weigh-in day is upon us. When I went to bed last night I tried to predict what the number would be and I guessed that I would stay at 207. I’ve worked out hard but I did have a free meal on Friday, Saturday, Sunday and a treat on Tuesday. If your diet is 80% of your success then I figured I was screwed.

I woke up per usual and searched the nightstand in the dark for my glasses. I was trying to be discreet so that I wouldn’t wake up Brent or the kids. I was hoping to write my blog in peace. But I couldn’t find the dang things!

When I finally did find them I opened them up and tried to put them on my face but they felt really weird… was I having some warped Alice in Wonderland dream?

Then I looked in the mirror and found this…

baby glasses

I giggled and woke up the baby and Brent but it had no effect on Bridget’s comatose preteen slumber.

Usually on weigh-in day I’ll wake up and assess how chubby my fingers feel. This is to determine whether or not the scale will be nice to me. Water weight is my nemesis. I couldn’t slide my wedding ring off of my finger so I thought this would be a fun number.

When I stepped on I was surprised to see the scale say 206.2. That’s exactly a pound from last week… I’ll take it!

I’m happy with this number because I’ve been afflicted with that particularly pleasant time in a young ladies life that tends to happen once a month. (Unless you have PCOS then there’s no telling.)

This left me wondering about the ladies on The Biggest Loser. It’s not like you can stand on the scale in front of a million people and say… “Whoa, whoa, whoa! This isn’t fair! Joe doesn’t menstrate!” It just doesn’t seem right.

Then I started thinking about Twilight… how did Edward and Bella deal with this situation back in the days when he wanted to have her for lunch? Aunt Flo’s monthly visit can get down right dangerous!

… and that ladies and gentlemen are the deep thoughts that run through my mind first thing in the morning.

How did your week go? I invite you to do your weigh-in’s with me every Friday. Once you’ve reached a goal, whether it’s long-term or short-term, let me know and I’ll do a feature on your success! It doesn’t necessarily have to be about weight loss, it could be a fitness goal too. The best way to get a hold of me is by messaging me on the blog’s facebook page.

Have a great weekend everyone!