Week 9 Weigh-in and Monthly Progress Pics

I woke up at 5 this morning hoping to have time to take a shower and enjoy a cup of coffee while the girls were still asleep. One moment of solitude was all that I needed.

Unfortunately as soon as I stepped out of the shower I could hear Penelope chirping in her crib.

Brent has been working crazy amounts of overtime lately so I have spent the past few weeks in solitary confinement with the kids. There are moments when I love it. Like yesterday when Penelope grabbed my face and planted a big wet kiss on my mouth before laying her head on my shoulder.

Then there are moments when I feel there is a good chance that I might really lose my mind. I felt like this yesterday when the backpack used to carry all of Penelope’s stuff came unzipped while trying to hurry into a store to get out of the cold. Poor Bridget was wearing it for me and every time something fell out she would whip around to pick it up only to unhinge the zipper and the contents of the backpack even more. We scrambled around the parking lot collecting diapers, leg warmers and headbands. Bridget was so embarrassed and I tried my best to reassure her that this stuff happens to everyone. When in reality I just wanted to scream “WHY ME!?”

Okay, so that was bit dramatic. But I was in a dramatic mood yesterday in case you couldn’t tell from my interpretive front yard dance.

This morning, I just simply needed a little down time before the day had even started. I was NOT looking forward to putting on that stupid hot pink tank top again for my monthly round of pictures. I have grown to hate that tank top. I knew that I was going to end up looking just like I did a month ago and that is entirely not the point of this whole exercise.

After getting out of the shower I let Penelope chirp away as I took my time drying myself off. Then I finally took the plunge and stepped on the scale to see if the Veggie Challenge  had done what I had hoped it would. The Monday after my snowed in snack fest I weighed in at 211.4.

When I stepped on the scale this morning it said 205.2 … Yay! I’m back on track.

After feeding the girls, snuggling and watching the news I felt a bit better about having to take those stupid progress pictures. Here they are… you can compare them to the others under the Progress Pics tab.




My mid-section is by far the part of my body that I hate the most. But after further inspection I have decided that my legs are starting to shape up and I don’t mind it one bit. I have come to the conclusion that short shorts and cute wedges are definitely in my near future. Bring it on summer!

This is the part where I share with you what I ate yesterday as the last day of the veggie challenge.

Veggie Challenge Day 4

Breakfast– Banana Berry Smoothie with Spinach and Two Eggs


Here is a closer look at the smoothie…


Yes it’s the same drink from Smoothie Face and yes I did end up wearing half of it in my teeth again. (Note: Don’t drink this without a toothbrush on hand.)

Lunch– For lunch I met up with my friend Andrea at the Bullfrog Cafe in downtown Littleton. We split a Caprese Crepe and a side salad along with a Pear Delight Crepe for dessert.


Both of them were super yummy but we were a bit distracted with making sure the babies weren’t choking on the little cheese crepe that they shared.

Dinner– For dinner I was planning on having grilled pork chops with roasted asparagus and acorn squash. But by the time I had gotten Bridget to and from swim team practice and had gotten Penelope to bed we opted for a grilled ham and swiss sandwich instead… we split it.


and for dessert we had roasted acorn squash with a little bit of cinnamon and brown sugar.


This is Bridget’s favorite so I had no problem getting her to eat this vegetable as opposed to the spaghetti squash from the day before.


There is a version of this squash on Skinnytaste here. However, I do a quicker version by stabbing the squash with a fork and popping it in the microwave for 4 minutes, rotating it and microwaving it for 4 minutes more. Once it cools a bit I slice it open, scoop out the seeds and sprinkle it with a little butter, brown sugar and cinnamon. Then I pop it under the broiler until the sugar gets crispy. It’s so good!

I was exhausted for some reason so after that I made myself some vanilla sleepy time tea and watched an episode of Modern Family with Bridget before tucking into bed.

How did your week go?

I invite you to come up with goals for yourself and post your progress in the comments section of the Friday weekly weigh-ins. Once you’ve reached your goal let me know and I will do a feature on you and your success!

Hey Look At My Butt!

I seriously just spent ten minutes trying to take a picture of my own butt.

It didn’t really work.  My dog was just watching me like, “Yeah, I do that sometimes too. But you’ll never catch it, I speak from experience.”

I couldn’t help it. I was wearing my new Lululemon pants and I have fallen in love with the way they make my butt look. In the words of my sister-in-law Carrie, “Aren’t they just glory on your bum?”

Yes Carrie, they are.

I don’t know if it’s the pants or the workouts that my husband has been putting me through but seriously ya’ll, my butt looks good!

You can tell a lot about a man by the kind of workouts he creates for women. I have come to the conclusion that my husband is a butt guy. Every time I step foot into the gym he feels compelled to set my buns on fire.

Yesterday was no different. Here is the workout he put me and my friend Tara through.

We’ll call it…

“These Buns Are On FIRRRRE!”

(Little known fact, my husband has a huge crush on Alicia Keys.)


Spiderman lunges and Toy soldiers


3 x 10 weighted bridges

hip thrust

Do you see my Lululemon sign winking at you?


We loaded up the prowler until it was so heavy that we couldn’t run with it while pushing. He had us push it across the gym and then do overhead kettlebell lunges back. Then switch and rest while the other person does it. We did this five times, I think. It kicked my butt so I don’t remember.

prowler pushes

This may not sound like much but your heart wants to explode as soon as you stop pushing the prowler. It’s so weird.

kettlebell lunges

The lunges killed me! We used 16 kg kettlebells and it really worked our core. Which, according to the muffin top I’m sporting here, seems to be something I struggle with.

I feel like I’m back on track, the Veggie Challenge has turned out to be a great idea!

Veggie Challenge Day 2



I made a veggie scramble with these lovely veggies. I only saute veggies on high because I like them to caramelize like this…


I add the spinach last because I just want it to wilt a little. Then I push all of the veggies aside and cooked up some turkey sausage then the eggs. It was topped off with a little Siracha or “Rooster Sauce”.


Brent puts “Rooster Sauce” on everything, so much so that when Bridget was in first grade she felt compelled to throw the bottle away because she felt like her daddy had a “problem”.



Brent and I just tossed some of the cooked left over shredded chicken in Frank’s Red Hot Sauce and made salads with yogurt ranch and cheese. I usually love this but for some reason I thought the chicken tasted gross. I still ate it though because I was starving after that workout.



Brent made home-made baked chicken tenders using boneless skinless chicken thighs instead of chicken breast. I thought it sounded gross but it was SO yummy. It tasted more like fried chicken because of the dark meat. We served it up with oranges and broccoli madness. Broccoli madness is just something that I make and I’m not sure I’ll be successful in sharing my recipe but I’ll try.

Broccoli Madness

1 head of broccoli chopped into florets

2 tbls chopped red onion

2-3 tbls dried cranberries

2- tbls chopped or slivered nuts (salted is best)


(This is the part that gets tricky you’ll have to play with it to your taste)

1 tbls of lite mayo

2-3 tbls red wine vinegar

1-2 tbls sugar or agave nectar

In a small bowl mix together mayo, red wine vinegar and sugar. Keep adding vinegar until the mixture is pinkish in color and cancels out most of the mayo taste. Mix in the sugar until you’ve found a tasty balance between sour and sweet. (I really suck at this.) Lightly pour the dressing over the broccoli then add the other toppings and mix.

This is the only way we eat broccoli at our house. We tend to get heavy-handed on the cranberries but it just makes it yummier. If you are too scared to try my version because I’m horrible at writing recipes you can refer to this recipe. It has more yummy stuff in it like bacon and cheese but is definitely not diet friendly. Good luck!

The Veggie Challenge

eat your veggies

Have you ever had one of those really good friends that pisses you off because they are brutally honest with you?

Today when I stepped on the scale to get a reality check after a snow day full of snacks I decided I needed to be that kind of friend to myself. After I saw that number I had to sit myself down and have a little come to Jesus talk.

Basically, I had to confront myself on slacking off since successfully completing Operation Lululemon.

If Jillian Michaels were here she would have yelled, “WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU? WHAT IS IT?! TELL ME! I CAN’T HELP YOU UNLESS YOU TELL ME!” Then I would cry because she scared me and we would decide together that I’m afraid of success. Then she would use her soft whispery therapy voice to tell me that I’m worth it. “You. Are. Worth it.”

I know this. But if I were there I would pretend like Jillian discovered this for me for fear that she might beat me up.

After Operation Lululemon I created another challenge where I couldn’t eat sugar for two weeks. I quit after one day and I just haven’t been the same since.

I’ve decided that it is time for another challenge but this time I’m going to change the focus. Instead of taking something away and triggering my inner brat  I will add things instead. And by things I mean veggies and water. I always do better when I eat more veggies so this makes sense. I only have 4 full days before my next weigh-in to shed the popcorn and hot cocoa I indulged in yesterday.

For the next four days I must eat vegetables with every meal. I  also must drink 4 water bottles full of water a day. The water bottles I carry around are 24 oz so that is about 96 ounces of water a day.

For the next four days I will document the veggie filled meals with my camera and post what I’ve eaten so that you guys can keep me accountable.

So far this morning I’m off to a great start by sauteing up some mini sweet peppers with some sliced onions fajita style.


The other night I had made yummy chicken tostadas using the chicken from Skinnytaste’s chicken enchilada recipe. A lot of the time if I have chicken breasts that are about to go bad I’ll pop them in the crock pot with chicken broth and let them cook while I go about my business. Then I’ll make the chicken portion of this recipe and leave it in the fridge for a quick healthy taco dinner.


Brent came home from work today and ate some of that left over chicken with his eggs. So I copied him by topping my veggies with the little bit of chicken that he didn’t eat.


Every time I eat that chicken I cover it in lots of cilantro, avocado and lime juice  you can even add a dollop of plain greek yogurt if you wanted. I was out of avocado today and was seriously bummed out. It would have been so good with this.


It turned out to be super good even without the avocado. It has been two hours since I’ve eaten it and I’m still satisfied.


Since I will be posting up lots of food and links to the recipes I kind of feel compelled to warn you…

I’m not a food blogger and there is a very good reason behind this. I have a tendency to talk about inappropriate things right before posting recipes. Like the time I posted a taco recipe right after I talked about how much spin class hurt my vagina. And then the other day I talked about how my dog was sick with weird goopy eyes and then shared a goopy grilled cheese sandwich recipe along with my roasted tomato soup.

I don’t do this on purpose…

Just know that it happens and it’s kind of gross.

With that said I will see you soon… posting up yummy things that I can have instead of crying about the things I can’t have.