Weekly Weigh in + Quantum Scale Giveaway


It’s weigh in day! And I say that with as much fake enthusiasm I can muster.

You know how they say you shouldn’t let a number on the scale define you? Well, I agree with that… to a point. You see these mottos are great for people who are so consumed by the number on the scale that they resort to eating disorders because it effects them so negatively.

I’m not one of those people. I’m very persuasive so I’m always able to justify why weighing more than I should is okay. This also means I’m a really great excuse maker…


This is great for the self-esteem and all but you don’t do yourself any favors by lying to yourself. For me stepping on the scale means facing the truth.

Do I need to lose more weight? Yes.

Do I need to lose it because the scale defines me? Nope.

But do I need the scale to keep me honest? Absolutely.

I need to lose this weight because even though I look ¬†phenomenal okay I’m not the healthiest I can be and my weight is a reflection of that. The last time I had checked I had high blood pressure. I also suffer from a hormone ailment called PCOS which puts me at a higher risk for suffering from type 2 diabetes and depression. The fact is, I need to be at a lower weight in order for my body to function at it’s best. For me to be my best.

That being said, if you have hang ups around numbers but know you need to lose weight I might have a solution for you.

It’s called the Quantum Scale

It’s a scale that records your weight and lets you know if you have lost or gained weight without actually telling you the number. This helps for those people who get discouraged by the number on the scale. I have lost around 40 pounds but there are several times when I feel discouraged because I still weigh more than the average woman. This scale forces you to focus on the positive not the negative.

Life is all about perspective. It’s easier to stay motivated when you look at the scale and see -40 lb versus 187 lb. That’s what my scale said today 187. I don’t like the 180’s anymore I’ve got negative feelings about the 180’s because I’ve been hanging out here for a long time. When I see a “180” number I want to punch it in the face. When I see that number I forget all about the progress I have made. Those negative feelings manifest into other aspects of my life and that’s just not how I want to roll.


I knew this week was going to provide an ugly number because I ate my weight in Halloween candy. So yesterday I stepped on the Quantum scale to record the ugly weight I didn’t want to look at. Then today I stepped on it again and I already felt better…


Sorry that the picture is so dark. As you know I weigh in naked, after I pee because a girl can use all the help she can get. Well, this sucker is super reflective especially when a flash is used. I don’t need to look at my vagina in order to feel empowered, thank you very much. So I opted to take this picture minus the flash ūüėČ


“I can’t even look at my own vagina!”

“Well, I can’t help you there honey.”

Any who‚Ķ If you feel like you would like to keep track of your weight during the holidays without having to worry about a number you may not like staring you in the face then I have a Quantum Scale waiting for you. This sucker normally costs $59 but is currently on sale for $39. So if you don’t win you can ask for it for Christmas ūüėČ For more information click here.

***To enter the giveaway leave a comment on this blog post that includes a first name with a last name initial. For an additional chance to win post a comment on the wall of my Facebook page. I will announce the winner on the next blog post and on my Facebook page. At that time I will ask you to email me at toohottieforthatbody@gmail.com with your address so that I can arrange to have it shipped to you***

Good luck and have a great weekend!


Week 44 Weigh-in and a Possible Rebirth


Okay, so I was supposed to do Monday weekly weigh-in’s starting this week but it feels funny not weighing in on Friday.

I just. can’t. do it. It’s just not right.

Therefore, I’ve decided to stick with my Friday weigh-in’s and just simply not go crazy celebrating my loss during the weekend because then I’m left losing the same three pounds over, and over, and over, and over again. It’s boring and not to mention annoying.

This week has been a whirl wind. I’ve been busy writing papers for my last class before student teaching. AHHHH! So far I have a 100% in the class… Why yes, I’m bragging. Let’s all take a moment to appreciate how smart I am. Ignore the typos you find throughout the rest of this blog and focus on the grade m’kay?

Even though I’ve been a great student I feel like I’ve been a horrible mom. Simply because I didn’t enjoy it this week. As moms we feel the need to plaster a smile on our faces for the general public and pretend like we just simply adore every last bit about this life we call motherhood. Don’t get me wrong I love my kids ¬†unconditionally. ¬†At the same time I was exhausted and couldn’t appreciate the cuteness that was hidden in the millionth temper tantrum of the week and the snarky tween comment that was meant to be funny. I just wasn’t feeling it.

I hadn’t slept in 10 days and I swear I would have heard voices in my head if I had entertained them. With each interrupted night of sleep I could hear the sound of my sanity crackling and splintering. My rock bottom was when Brent told me he was going to go for a nice stroll by himself and I so eloquently told him, “Oh that’s nice… to be able to go for a stroll… by YOURSELF!” ¬†Then I proceeded to tell him that ¬†Penelope was so far up my butt that I was going to have to rebirth her. Not my classiest moment.

I guess you could say Mommy needed some space.

I was planning on writing a blog post on Wednesday but opted for a nap instead due to the voices in the head thing. You know I’m kidding right? I wish I were kidding.¬†Seriously, I’m kidding… kind of.¬†

(I’m pretty sure you just met them.)

This week I decided that it didn’t matter that I was sleep deprived and a little crazy and had a million things on my “To Do” list with a toddler who was on a mission to prevent me from getting anything done. ¬†Nothing was going to change anytime soon so I had no choice but to accept it and stop using the chaos as an excuse. It was time to face the facts… this is my crazy life. So there is no other option but to suck it up and do what I need to do regardless.

Turns out my workouts were the best part of my day. I would start off in a crappy mood feeling completely overwhelmed but by the time I was done with my workout I felt rejuvenated and ready for the rest of my day.


Usually when I’m done working out I run errands. This is when I’m most tempted to buy a sugary Starbucks drink. So in order to curb that habit I’ve prepared post workout snacks to take with me while I shop including Green Monster Smoothies and Energy Balls (aka glorified no bake cookies).

Penelope loves them too!


You might think I’m weird but there’s something therapeutic about buying healthy food. I feel so proud of myself, in my head I keep thinking about how impressed the cashier must be with my healthy food selection. When in reality she is probably cursing me under her breath as she looks up the codes for all of the vegetables.


The real challenge is getting all of the groceries in the refrigerator before Penelope takes a single bite out of every piece of fruit. I found a produce sticker in her poopy diaper today… I think I need to be quicker.

During our grocery shopping trips Penelope insists on holding the lemons because they smell so divine. She’ll just sit there and snort them and occasionally try to take a bite of the skin which isn’t quite as pleasant. It may seem weird but sniffing lemons with my toddler is on my top ten list for things that make me super happy.


Lemons are the ultimate aromatherapy, if you can’t appreciate the smell of a good lemon then you just weren’t meant to be happy.

Anyway, I ate really well all this week and as promised I took pictures whenever I could.


The only problem with eating so healthy was that I got a headache every night. I have PCOS which causes you to have strong reactions to sugar and processed carbs and since I had been eating that junk the weeks before my body was starting to have withdraws when I cut them out. So, every night in a desperate attempt to keep from feeling awful I ended up ¬†eating something that wasn’t part of the plan. (Like the Skittles leftover from Bridget’s Girl Scout meeting.)

I’ve always felt like a crack head when it came sugar and white starchy carbs. ¬†Then I found an article that let me know that it wasn’t just my imagination… How Oreos Work Like Cocaine.

Even though I had to fuel my cocaine sugar habit each evening. I still managed to make a little progress on the scale. I weighed in at 184.2.

I’m nowhere near the goals I had set for myself and it’s bugging the hell out of me. Why does this freaking weight loss business take so LONG ?!?!

Because you’re not consistent dummy.

Ugh… those voices!

So that’s where I am at… It’s a riveting story I tell you. Now, I’m off to do more school work so that I can enjoy the weekend!

Week 43 Weigh-in

Well, hello there. Guess who got some sleep and is a little less crazy now? This girl! I can’t tell you how good I felt getting out of bed today even if it was at 5:00 in the morning.

Despite the fact that we were thoroughly sleep deprived over the weekend we still managed to pack in some family fun.


Including carving pumpkins while listening to the Cardinals game on the radio. Which was Brent’s idea. We don’t have cable so he can’t watch the games so Brent was looking for something to do during that time. Carving pumpkins was the perfect solution. Only, every time Bridget and I started to make small talk he would shush us which was pretty annoying but we forgive him. Baseball season is a very emotional time for him so we do our best to support him.


Which usually means the girls have to wear their Cardinals gear during game days. This has been traumatic for Bridget who was terrified to take her shirt off so that she could take a bath when she was little because she didn’t want to be responsible for the Cardinals losing. We’ll add that to the list of things she’ll talk about in therapy due to our parenting.

For our fun family night Brent requested potato soup. Initially, I didn’t want to make it because I was super tired but it turned out SO good. It wasn’t the worst recipe out there because it didn’t use heavy cream and it was made from scratch but it wasn’t the healthiest either.


I also might have had to sip on a bunch some¬†of these while I made dinner…


And I might have also made some pumpkin bread because I was feeling festive. I just couldn’t stop myself!


I’m glad I did though because as the weekend progressed Penelope was feeling worse and refused to eat everything… except pumpkin bread. (But can you blame her?)

By the time Sunday rolled around I was deliriously tired in case you didn’t notice from my previous post. It was cold and rainy so Bridget and I thought it was perfect for a movie night. I had hardly eaten anything all day because I was too scatter brained to pull anything together. That evening I was craving carbs like crazy (my typical reaction to not sleeping) so I made us each a bowl of garlic butter spaghetti with herbs spinach along with some pan seared chicken.


This wasn’t the best choice for an evening meal. But it was better than ordering take out and it only took a few minutes to make. It. Was. Perfect. Bridget and I snuggled under thick warm blankets and ate this while we watched Forest Gump. One of my all time favorite movies… it was even better because Bridget had never seen it before…

“Tom Hanks? He sounds familiar, is he famous?”

“They had Apple way back in 1993?”

“Sweet Home Alabama was even a song then?”

We both were amazed that I had watched it in a History class during 8th grade. Boy have times changed!

Anyway, that was all of the crap I ate over the weekend. So I cringed when I stepped on the scale today…¬†I weighed in at 186.¬†Not too shabby considering the circumstances! To make matters even better everything was back to normal. So I downed some eggs and headed to the gym where I did some heavy back squats and some sprints on the treadmill. I totally kicked my own ass.


I did thirty-second sprints with a minute of rest for 15 minutes… my lungs are still burning. Once Bridget get’s out of school I’m going to go for a longer run once it gets warmer out.

Since I went crazy on the carbohydrates over the weekend I’m cutting back a bit for the remainder of the week. When I got home from the gym I had an apple and some almonds and for lunch I made a delicious chicken taco salad made with light ranch dressing mixed with salsa topped with a little bit of cheddar, guacamole and tomatoes.


So far this week is off to a much better start! How did your weekend go?

Week 42 Weigh-in


Today I woke up in the worst mood. My throat was killing me, my ears were killing me and Penelope was chirping at the crack of dawn for someone to come and get her. My husband knows I’m sick so I laid there with one eye open hoping that Brent would get up with her. I did that typical woman thing where in my head I told myself that if he was kind enough to get up with her then I would have a total crush on him for the rest of the day. If he didn’t get up with her then he was going on the list… the shit list that is.

He had no idea that the fates were awaiting his decision…

After a few minutes of listening to her cry he rolled over and asked, “What time is it?”


“Oh,” then he rolled back over and snuggled under the covers again.

I rolled my eyes and pulled myself out of bed floundering around to find my glasses. Then, I heard him say, “Are you feeling better?” Hope welled up in my chest. Maybe he would give me a break!

“No,” I said in my most pathetic scratchy voice.

“Oh…” he said and he rolled back over again.

Brent slept for another hour while I made the girls breakfast. Apparently, Penelope was in a shitty mood too because she started whining instantly. When Brent came down stairs the counter top that he had cleaned off the night before was cluttered with an open canister of oatmeal, a box of raisins and some measuring spoons. As he cleaned them up for me he huffed around and complained about the mess I had made.

In that moment the inner bitch I was trying to harbor was beginning to break free. She wasn’t completely out of my grasp so she showed herself in passive aggressive one word answers, huffy breaths and dirty looks aimed towards his back. It would have lasted all day if I were a grudge holder but unfortunately I don’t have that sort of emotional tenacity.

I had to take Bridget to school earlier than usual to see if I could exchange a book I bought her at the book fair and when I asked him if he could keep Penelope while I did that he once again gave the wrong answer. The bitch made another ugly appearance only this time there was no passive about her aggressive.

He ended up keeping her but I was pretty sure I was beyond any possible good mood after our exchange.

When I got home I confessed that not only was I feeling like poop but I had gained a good 5 pounds over the week. That’s when he said, “And you’re about to start your period.”

Normally this would really piss me off but instead I could feel the hope make its reappearance as I said, “You think?!”

“Uh… yeah.”

In that strange moment I had a crush on him all over again. There are so many times when my husband says the wrong things but in that instant he said the wrong thing at the right time because he let me off the hook for gaining weight this week.

When I had stepped on the scale this morning it read 189.8. I couldn’t believe my eyes. There’s no way I did that much damage. Sure, I had a wine night with my friend on Monday… and I may have gobbled up a million pumpkin spiced almonds… and I may have had a pumpkin spiced latte or two… and I didn’t work out all week. But I was sick! What was I supposed to do? Eat HEALTHY???¬†


So while I ponder on that for a bit, I’m going to get in my pajamas again and heat up a nice cup of throat soothing tea.

Week 41 Weigh-in

Hi guys! Sorry I’m a few hours late…

I had to go shopping!


Oh yeah Baby… that’s pleather you’re looking at.

Have I ever told you how much I hate shopping? It’s true! I know, it’s a disgrace. I probably shouldn’t even own a vagina. I could blame this on being raised by a single dad but that would be a lie. I just don’t like it. Taking clothes on and off a million times after smuggling yourself into a pair of pants that you thought would fit but don’t just doesn’t seem to appeal to me. Don’t get me wrong, I like the getting new things part. It’s just the process that I hate.

With that being said today was kind of a mile stone. This was the first day I’ve gone shopping since I went to Lululemon in February. Other than that excursion and buying maternity clothes I haven’t gone shopping in almost three years. THREE YEARS! I was totally lost. I didn’t even know where I was supposed to go. Usually when you are in the practice of shopping you know which stores suit your body best. My body has been through the ringer so I have no idea.

Luckily the process was a lot less painful than I thought it would be. I didn’t even break a sweat or awkwardly get stuck in a blouse that was two sizes two small. This has happened before… I blame the broad shoulders. I walked out of the mall with a few new clothes and my dignity in tact. That’s a lot more than I was expecting.

Today definitely did not turn out the way I had planned. You see, it was the first snow of the season and there’s something about cold snowy weather that makes me hungry. I just want to put on a pair of sweat pants, drink a sweet hot beverage and bury my head in a big bowl of popcorn. That’s pretty much how I thought today would go.

I went straight to the gym after dropping Bridget off at school to sweat my ass off so that I wouldn’t feel quite so guilty about the snow day shenanigans that I thought were sure to play out. After the gym I went to the store and bought all of the makings for baked goods. I bought butter, two bags of chocolate chips and two cans of pumpkin. I had no idea what my intentions were… but they weren’t good.

As soon as I put Penelope down for a nap I snuggled in to write this blog post but something was bothering me. Tomorrow we have plans to go to Breckenridge for an awards ceremony that my husband’s fire department was throwing and I had nothing to wear! I set my laptop down and looked through my closet. I found one sweater that I wore last year. It swallowed me whole and had a stain on it. That’s when I decided to go shopping. Brent was home from work so there was no better time to go.

I’m so glad I did because when I stepped on the scale this morning it didn’t say what I thought it would… I weighed in at 184.8 . I lost a whopping¬†4 ounces. ¬†

Apparently the scale isn’t aware of how good I look in my pleather pants ūüėČ

How did your week go?