Monthly Pics

Here it is folks! The pictures that were promised.

Let me tell you, when I peeled my puffy eyes open this morning to blow my nose for the hundredth time the last thing I wanted to do was take pictures of my swollen sick face. But that was precisely what said I would do so here they are.




Guess who is taking down their Halloween decorations today?

This is that dangerous time of year where the holidays are all scrunched up together. That dreaded time where I will end up saying, “Screw it, why try to lose weight when I’m just going to eat bad again in a couple of weeks?” This is the mindset that always makes me gain weight all throughout November and into December leaving me to ponder what the hell happened in January.

I’ve got that warped mindset all documented if you want to see it in the earlier stages of my blog.

In fact, my very first blog post was written November 5th during daylight savings time… one of my many designated resolution days. But nobody saw it because I wasn’t ready to put myself out there yet.

I had actually started this blog in September but I just let it sit there untouched for a month. I didn’t want to look inward, I didn’t want to face the truth so I ignored everything until November. Then on January I took the leap and made this blog public.

You have had to endure my inappropriate musings ever since… you’re welcome.

I haven’t lost as much weight as I thought I would when I started this journey. At first it was all about losing as much weight in the least amount of time possible because to me that meant I would have reached the apex of happiness.

Then as I opened myself up I started to gain perspective. I realized that I didn’t want to exchange one warped mindset for another. The whole reason I wanted to change was because I wasn’t enjoying my life. I didn’t like where I was or who I was and it didn’t have anything to do with my weight but had more to do with my attitude and my outlook on life. The weight was just a side effect.

With the help of this blog I’ve faced my flaws head on and I’ve changed the things about myself that needed changing and I’ve accepted the other things that just simply needed to be accepted. When you find that place in life,┬áthen things just sort of fall into place, but not without effort.

With that I will leave you the obligatory sugar in the trash shot…


because these cookies aren’t going to do anything to help me get over this cold.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!